The Gemini PDA

Let’s have a quick overview on the specifics on this device.


The Gemini PDA is the result of a successful Indiegogo campaign. The UK based company Planet Computers teamed up with the designer of the original Psion PDA’s to build a modern day successor running an Android OS.

It features a Mediatek Helios X27 SoC, while the first thousand-some-hundred have been fitted with a X25 instead, due to a misunderstanding with the PCB supplier. Many of those early devices also have problems with the keymat, which causes the keys on the keyboard to “stay pressed” instead of returning to the unpressed position. Since this is a known issue though, affected customers can contact the support, shoot them their device/order ID and get a replacement.


The device’s capabilities are listed in Planet Computer’s online store


Both used SoC’s have entries in the Wikichip:

Getting one

The Gemini PDA can now be acquired on the Planet Computers online store, and several used ones should be available on eBay.