Welcome to my Gemini PDA docs

This is an attempt to gather the thinly spread information and documentation that is available for the Gemini PDA, a clamshell mobile device featuring a physical QWERTY keyboard running Android and various Linux variants.

My personal motivation is that I’m pretty unhappy with the way building and installing alternative ROMs currently works. I want to understand how exactly the components work together, so I can build my own minimal Linux system for the Gemini, and hopefully enable others to do the same.


I gather the information provided from publicly available resources, and my own insights. Those resources can be wrong. I can be wrong.

While I do my best to keep this information correct and up to date, you are responsible for your own actions.

Open Source

This wiki is Open Source! It is available at Github (or Sourcehut, if you prefer that). If you spot wrong or incomplete information, feel free to send a patch or pull request my way to keep this documentation correct and up to date.

This information is licensed under The Unlicense, which releases it into the public domain.